Step2Life Care areas

Ortho Care

From minor back pain, to post major orthopedic surgery care.

Neuro Care

Addressing physical, emotional, and psychological well being

Physio Care

Complete body care.

Cardiac Care

Creating a lifestyle that is good for the heart.

Trauma Care

To bring back the lost freedom of movement post accident

Choose Step2Life Because

Step2Life aims to give 2nd life to people & thrives to help people function as effectively as possible after a life changing mishappening.


World Class Infrastructure with:
> Cafeteria
> Covered parking
> Pharmacy
> Private Rooms

Global Standard Equipment

Best in class machines like:
> Robotic Gait Trainer
> 4D Gait & Motion Analysis
> Hydrotherapy
> LASER Therapy

Expert Doctors

Highly Skilled doctors &
Physiotherapists for
Neuro Physiotherapy,
Orthopaedics Physiotherapy,
Sports Physiotherapy

Enhancing whole Persona

Build self-dependence using:
> Occupational Therapy
> Naturopathy
> Yoga Therapy
> Psychological-Emotional Care

Facilities at Step2Life

Step2Life provides global standard equipments with world class facilities.

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