Neuro Rehab

SRMS Step2Life Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Centre, assesses what kind of services a person suffering from neurological problems may need, such as Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counseling and therapies for Swallowing Disorders. Addressing these types of issues early in the process can help maximize recovery. An individualized care plan is created from the moment a person arrives with an acute condition until the time he or she begins rehabilitation. Patient of Paralysis of one side or bilateral side are treated with Computerized state of the art machine for early recovery of muscle Power & Gait problem. We treat patients with:

Robotic Tilt Table & Stepping System

The Robotic Leg Movement and the Cyclic Leg Loading offered by the Erigo are critical afferent stimuli for the Central Nervous System. They tolerate the upright position better than patients treated on conventional tilt tables without a stepping function and cyclic leg loading.

GAIT & Motion Analysis Lab

4D GAIT & Motion Analysis Lab is the leading technology in the field of 3D Spine and Surface Topography. Based on an innovative software and an advanced camera system it is possible to analyze and visualize the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis during walking.

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