Pedia Rehab

Pediatric rehabilitation is about more than building strength and improving function. It’s about inspiring children to gain the skills and confidence to reach their full potential. And it’s also about supporting families throughout the rehabilitation process. Within the Sprawling Rehabilitation Network, your child will be cared for by pediatric experts who know the importance of nurturing, engaging, and encouraging children to become all they can be. Whatever the challenges i.e. developmental delay, injury, illness or disability – our rehabilitation teams will use age-appropriate strategies to meet your child’s current physical, emotional, academic and social challenges -- and lay the foundation for future progress and success. Among the services available are:

Pedia Rehabilitation

Children with Cerebral Palsy have reduced muscle strength, Aerobic exercises will improve their ability to perform activities such as standing, walking, running and to participate in everyday life. Aerobic exercises aim to improve aerobic fitness, while strength training aim to improve muscle strength.

Eleven Activity Work Station

Our goal is to help your child get back to the life he or she enjoys: social activities, as a part of sports and recreation. We provide umbrella of Rehabilitation, ensuring all round development with muscle strengthening and Cognitive enhancement.

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